Bamburgh Marrsh & Veritest International

JWDA was contracted by Bamburgh Marrsh, LLC, an Oregon based medical company, and later by Veritest International, a licensee, to develop an Oral Fluid Drugs of Abuse collection and reading system. JWDA developed a special cassette which contained oral fluid lateral flow test strips along with a proprietary saliva collection pad and  confirmation sample collection system. The product can test for up to 6 drugs of abuse tests at one time.

JWDA also developed a proprietary and patentable battery powered, hand held test strip Reader which automatically read, accepted electronic signature, photographed and stores cassette test results. An optional off the shelf, portable printer can be connected to the Reader for wireless downloads and printing of test results. The accumulated test results can also be downloaded from the Reader to a PC.

The products were licensed to Veritest International, a start up drugs of abuse testing company (www.veritestint.com).